Abu Bakr Al-Karkhi (died 1029 A.D.)

A Muslim Mathematician from Baghdad.  He wrote many books about Algebra and Arithmetic.  His three major works are Al-Badi’ fi’l-hisab (Wonderful on calculation), Al-Fakhri fi’l-jabr wa’l-muqabala (Glorious on algebra), and Al-Kafi fi’l-hisab (Sufficient on calculation).

Al-Karkhi was an engineer and mathematician of the highest calibre. His enduring contributions to the field of mathematics and engineering are still recognized today in the form of the table of binomial coefficients, its formation law:

 {n \choose m} = {n-1 \choose m-1} + {n-1 \choose m}

and the expansion:

(a+b)^n=\sum_{k=0}^n{n \choose k}a^kb^{n-k}

for integer n.


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