Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi (923–1023)

One of the most famous intellectuals and thinkers in the 10th century. Yaqut Al-Hamawi (ياقوت الحموي) described him saying: “the philosopher of adibs and the adib of philosophers”. However, it was neglected and ignored by the historians of his era. This disregard continued until Yaqut wrote his famous book Mu’jam Al-‘Udaba’ (معجم الأدباء), which consists a biography of at-Tawhidi including expression of surprise and astonishment of ignoring an eminent person such as al-Tawhidi,and was adopted in the biography a lot of what al-Tawhidi wrote on himself in his books.


One response to “Abu Hayyan al-Tawhidi (923–1023)

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