Venice and Islam 828 – 1797


Finally after Paris and New York the great exhibition about the links between Serenissima and Islam arrives in Venice. The relationship is recounted through the display of marvellous and sophisticated object d’art – from paintings to glass, porcelain and metal, textiles and printed materials – coming from prestigious Venetian collections and great European and American museums, the works witness of reciprocal influences exercised by two great cultures such as the Western and the Islamic one. The effects of this liaisons are traceable through the evolution of artistic languages, the intensity and continuity of exchanges, the transmission of knowledge and technologies and also through the talent of artists, craftsmen as well as merchants and businessmen.

Displayed the great masterpieces of Venetian painting between the fourteenth and the eighteenth century, Bellini, Carpaccio, Veronese and Tiepolo and also drawings, miniatures and extremely rare cartographic materials. The sections of the exhibition dedicated to Arts and Craft where we can see with clear evidence the borrowing of themes, decoration styles, techniques and knowledge from Islamic background. Also well accounted for is the intense exchange occured on scientific and philosophical level through books, tools and objects.


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